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Custom Splash Page

Our customized splash pages offer you a wide range of options to reach your customer in a personal manner.
Easily manage your splash page styling through our user dashboards.
Create surveys to get valuable customer feedback and insight. Include custom links as well as social media links.
Add your own images and customised the look and feel of your landing page.

Benefits to a custom splash page


Today, it’s all about going the extra mile. With free WiFi, members can stream their favourite music or watch video content while working out. They can also access and download gym programmes and how-to guides for a better training experience. Through data collected during the guest WiFi experience, you can better understand your members, their behavior in your facility, their interests and even their feedback using splash page surveys. Use these insights to improve their overall experience, and keep them coming back.


Take your refer-a-friend programme to the next level by using WiFi and reward members based on who they sign up. Drive more traffic to your website and social media through splash page links that direct users to specific webpages, all while tracking their conversions for a measurable ROI.


Engage with your members through personalized marketing and notifications that keep them informed. When it comes to sharing promotions, offers, news, events, and vouchers, shouldn’t this happen in real-time and when it matters most? With WiFi Connection Solutions, it can!

Splash Page Options

We offer a range of customizeable features.
Amongst others you can edit your logos, header text and color theme.
Below is a list of some of our customizable options.

Custom header

Add your own custom header to personalize your splash page introduction.

Custom Header Logo

Add your own own header logo. This helps to make people aware that they are on your network and feel secure while browsing.

Google search

  • Customers can search straight from your landing page. This keeps your customers on your page for a prolonged period of time.


  • Adding your own banner image provides a great way for you to personlize your page even further. Banners stretch accross the width of your page. The best banner images are usually high definition images displaying something noticeable about your business that customers will relate to.

Custom images

  • Custom images allow you to personalize your splash page to suit your business look and feel. Custom images can include any content but its recommended to keep these images inline with your product.


  • Custom surveys provide an excellent tool for you to gain insight into customer trends and needs. Surveys follow a multiple choice layout. You can add multiple surveys to each page. A user has the option to answer all or none of the surveys making it less intrusive for your customers.

Custom Links

  • Include your own custom links to various external web sites complimenting your business. Custom links are a great way to advertise different business solutions you may offer. Link users to other business associated with yours.

Social Media

  • Add your own social media links to including your private facebook and twitter accounts. Social media links are a great way to get customers connected to your facebook / twitter profiles.

Custom Footer Logo

Add your own own footer logo. This helps to make people aware that they are on your network and feel secure well browsing.This can be different to your header logo.